Estes Park

Estes Park
Photo by: Nyttend, Creative Commons

Estes Park is the most frequently visited town in the Larimer County of Colorado. Located within the Rocky Mountain National Park, the Estes Park lies along the Rocky Mountain’s “Big Thompson River”. As of the 2000 US Census, the town has an estimated population of 5,417. In 2006, the population increased to about 6,000. The Estes Park was named after its founder Joel Estes in 1859.

According to the US Census Bureau, the population density of the Estes Park was estimated at around 929.5 people from every square mile in 2000. In the same year, the census bureau recorded that there were more than 3,000 housing units already built within the town’s central area. The average density of each housing unit was 570.6 sq/m. 95% of the residents are White while 0.31% and below are African-American, Native American and Asian. The census recently studied that the number of Hispanic and Spanish residents increased to 5.56%.

20.5% of the first 2,000 households in Estes Park have children under the legal age living with their parents. 52% of the populations are married couples with no children while 6.6% are single parents. About 30% from the 6,000 population are single individuals and 9.7% of them are under the age of 60 and above.

One of Estes Park’s prominent spots is “The Stanley Hotel”. The hotel was built during the “Edwardian Opulence” in 1909. Famous novelist Stephen King became one of Stanley Hotel’s frequent visitors. King however, made use of the tourist spot as his inspiration in the best-selling book entitled “The Shining”. The Credit Union National Association of Colorado chose the Stanley Hotel as the most significant site during the early existence of credit union services in the US. The town’s “Trail Ridge Road” is the highest mountain highway in America.

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