Estuarium in Dauphin Island

The Estuarium
Photo by: Abductive, Creative Commons

Aside from protected forests and other land habitats, marine wildlife is also being taken care of since they are also part of the world’s ecosystem and part of the Earth’s evolution. The Estuarium (Public Aquarium) at Dauphin Island Sea Lab houses some of the ocean’s marine wildlife and help others be aware of what these creatures do for the planet.

Certain exhibits feature a number of marine wildlife species that live underwater and help educate those who visit the key information about these creatures and/or plants. The Dauphin Island Sea Lab also aims to help others be aware of the four key habitats of marine life in the coasts of Alabama. These places are habitats to a great number of marine wildlife and should be protected from human marine activities to help preserve not only the natural marine life of the coasts of Alabama but a small part of the vast ocean of the Earth.

The Mobile Tensaw River Delta is a vital habitat for a lot of plants and animals and functions as some sort of filtering device by removing impurities of 20% of the fresh water of the whole nation. The Mobile Bay on the other hand serves as a transition between salt water from the Gulf of Mexico and fresh water from Mobile Tensaw River Delta and by being so it serves as a nursing ground for a great number of both invertebrates and vertebrates.

The Barrier Islands just as their names suggests serves as some form of barrier protecting the mainland from winds and wave energy related with storms. The Gulf of Mexico being the ninth largest body of water is home to 75% of migratory waterfowls of the nation in addition to sea turtles and a seemingly endless number of sea creatures.

By visiting the Dauphin Island Sea Lab Estuarium, through their exhibits one can not only see these magnificent animals and plants but also be informed about them and be aware of them that they are vital to the Earth for every single thing on Earth is interrelated.

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