Photo by: Lulie Lyn, Creative Commons

Are you in search for that one tourist destination to go to this year then your answer would have to be Esztergom, Hungary. This is such a wonderful place that speaks so much about a past as early as the 1700s. Who would believe that such architectural landmarks are still standing to date? Even though they are already just ruins, the mere fact that they stood the test of times just to give proof of their existence is indeed one big achievement.

What would you see in Esztergom aside from the ruins scattered all over the place are museums such as the Bálint Balassi and the Christian museum which by the way is a must-see. What you will witness in these places are Esztergom’s paintings, art collections and of course the kind of architectural masterpiece during that time – the Baroque way of designs.

Should you want a spiritual journey when you visit Esztergom the best choices would be Jesuit Church, St. Anne’s, St. Thomas Hill and other old churches near the vicinity. You will be amazed at the collections of statues of different saints and artifacts relating to the start of Christianity in Hungary. It would be great to hear Mass at these churches and have your rosaries blessed by the priests after the Mass.

For the active and sporty side of you, the Danube River says so much of the word fun. You will enjoy the different water activities like boating and even sailing so pack some wet suits for the adventure of a lifetime. If you decided to pack light since you do need more room for your thick clothes due to the chilly weather in Hungary, Esztergom has many stalls that sell products suited for your boat ride. Széchenyi tér is the name of the market place that has been around since the 18th Century. Until now, it is still considered the happening place both locals and tourists as well.

Food and Hotel Accommodations are not a problem when you’re in Hungary, everything is so delicious and comfortable as if you haven’t left home.

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