Eureka Springs

Downtown Eureka Springs
Photo by: Caleb Long, Creative Commons

There are rare moments when you find yourself in a new place feeling like you’re right where you’re supposed to be. That eureka moment is exactly what Eureka Springs is all about. This dreamy Arkansas city, nestled in the Ozark Mountain, is the place to go for a much-needed getaway.

Part of Eureka Springs’ appeal revolves around the claimed magical healing properties of its spring water by the city’s earlier settlers. At present, the city has evolved into a resort village filled with luxurious and rejuvenating spas. Head over to the Palace Bath House with your partner for an indulgent spa experience called “The Works”. Or avail of the “Girlfriend Getaway” with your friends in tow at the Serenity Spa in Basin Park Hotel. Call it spa heaven if you will, but that’s not all there is to this city.

Another gem in Eureka Springs is the Thorncrown Chapel. Seemingly designed to allow visitors to commune with both God and nature, the Thorncrown Chapel is a magnificent sight to behold. This 48 feet tall architectural beauty sits in the middle of nature and is made of glass walls, the combination of which lends a certain untouchable charm to it. No wonder Eureka Springs is in demand as a wedding destination. Everything in the city is picturesque!

Theatre enthusiasts will be thrilled to watch “The Great Passion Play”. Witness Jesus Christ’s last days on earth unfold before your eyes in this well loved and highly attended outdoor theatre presentation. Another must see, the Christ of the Ozark statue on magnetic mountain, can also be viewed from the Great Passion Play’s amphitheatre. This statue was made by Emmet Sullivan, one of the sculptors of the famous Mt. Rushmore. The city is also peppered with art galleries and museums and even has a month-long art festival in May.

There are other activities for those who crave for adventure. Join the ghost tour at Crescent Hotel and find out if it really is one of the scariest resort hotels in America. Go caving at the Onyx Cave where tours are given through headsets. There are also tons of camping grounds for those who prefer to rough it out. Eureka Springs also has various trails available for hiking and biking, 4×4 adventure parks for fans of wheeling and lakes and rivers for kayaking and fishing.

Eureka Springs has a culture of its own. The Victorian style architecture and the city’s wistful vibe give it an old world magnetism which transports vacationers from the here and now to an entirely new world of experience.

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