The airport at Faaa
Photo by: ReservasdeCoches.com, Creative Commons

Faaa is not just the home of the only airport in the island of Tahiti. It is also a place that offers great surprises to anyone who visits. Being the hub of the international airport of Tahiti, Faaa is very accessible to all its visitors. Add the great tropical weather, this place can provide a great vacation for you.

Indeed, just like any other known parts of the islands of French Polynesia, Faaa also houses white sand beaches and crystal clear lagoons. This makes it a home for a lot of great escapades to make up your dream vacation. For instance, there are a lot of great activities you can try here in Faaa. You can do whale watching, diving, deep sea fishing, water skiing, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, and a lot of other fun activities. The Aquatica Dive Center in the place is one great tourist friendly institution that offers great water adventures.

What’s more, Faaa is also the home for Tahiti’s only international hotel, which is the Intercontinental Resort and Spa. This is only two kilometers away from the airport, which makes it a perfect destination for tourists. It has 178 air conditioned rooms with private balconies, 17 motu overwater bungalows, 60 panoramic view rooms, and 15 lagoon overwater bungalows.

The hotel offers two fresh water pools, private beaches, jogging track, and wet weather games. This is also the home of the Aquatica Dive Center’s Office. With this, great water adventures and activities will not be far from you once you are in this place.

Other activities here include guided ATV tours in Tahiti, sunset catamaran cruise, dolphin cruise, aqua-scope or the glass-bottom boat sail, and a lot more.

In terms of foods, Faaa has a lot to offer. The Le Lotus Restaurant, for instance, is one popular choice of tourists and locals alike for their gourmet and overwater setup. This is a great romantic scene that can give couples a stunning view of the island of Moorea. Other popular restaurants and bars in Faaa are Tiare Restaurant and Tiki Bar.

With all these great treats Faaa has to offer, it is but proper to see this place as not just a place where the airplanes depart and arrive. Faaa is worth the title of being a host for a great getaway for all sorts of tourists from all over the globe.

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