Fishing Cove in Faliraki, Greece
Photo by: francesco sgroi, Creative Commons

For a beautiful vacation in an exotic location try Faliraki in Greece.

Where to Shop – For many travelers shopping in an unfamiliar country or city can be a good way to start a vacation. It is a great way to meet the locals and get into the middle of the local vibe. In Faliraki, shopping can be an adventure itself. Visiting Rhodes Old Town for example, can be a visual treat for shoppers looking for bargains in shops along its narrow, cobblestone streets. Among the great souvenirs that can be haggled down to bargain prices in this area are ceramics, gold or silver jewelry, and custom-made leather bags, belts and sandals. For a more modern, cosmopolitan feel, Faliraki Square has stores that sell Greek counterparts of items that many tourists may have forgotten to pack with them.

Where to Eat – Faliraki’s eateries are as varied as any major city in the world. There are local Greek taverns, fast food outlets, steak houses, and even Chinese restaurants. Many of these establishments are open until the wee hours of the morning to cater to the needs of those who are into the local club scene

Where to Party – Everywhere! Well at least that is going to be the impression if a first-time visitor drops by Club Street and Bar Street at night during the peak season. It has been said that every summer, locals anticipate the British invasion as thousands of holiday seekers from the United Kingdom flock to the many clubs of Faliraki, Greece to dance their worries away. Among the most popular clubs are Bed, Q Club, and Ziggy’s.

Where to Relax – Faliraki its best known to tourists for its beach that stretches for 4 miles filled with sun beds and beach umbrellas. Relaxing around this sandy stretch is the perfect counterpoint for all the hectic activities of a time-strapped holiday seeker.

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