Famagusta, Cyprus
Photo by: jorge 11 , Creative Commons

Travelers may enter Famagusta, Cyprus by crossing the border line from Nicosia, then taking a bus. Once there tourists may rent cars if they do not have their own with them. Taxis are another option, but walking is also a good idea since the town is not that big anyways. And tourists who prefer to walk must be very cautious. They have to stay out of quarantined areas so as not to risk being arrested.

Famagusta, Cyprus is divided into the historical and the modern districts. The old town is bounded by some of the finest Venetian defenses in Eastern Mediterranean. Many renaissance and medieval building have been built in this area. Unfortunately, majority of them have been harshly damaged when the Ottoman Turks seized the town in 1571. Many cannon balls are still present in the defense walls. Even the walls of the shattered buildings still have cannon balls embedded in them. Nevertheless, several religious structures are still around. The Cathedral of St. Nicholas and the Church of St. George are great places to be visited. The Othello’s Tower which is believed to be Shakespeare’s scene of tragedy is another interesting site.

The modern area of Famagusta, Cyprus, on the other hand, is restricted. The Turkish armed forces even prohibit photographs of it from being taken. Nonetheless, tourists may still enjoy their stay in Famagusta because there are plenty of restaurants that offer good food. They are mostly found in the Namık Kemal Square. Wonderful kebabs are served in D&B Café and Aspava. Monk’s Inn Bistro and Bar is another very popular spot. The Salamis Road is also where a lot of bars are located. And when it is time to rest, five-star hotels are easily access

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