Ruins of the temple of Adonis at Faqra
Photo by: Wikimedia, Creative Commons

Spending winter in Faqra is a one-of-a-kind experience. Not only will you enjoy ice sports, like skiing, but you will also take pleasure from some of the breathtaking man-made wonders and natural landscapes. A travel to the city is already a fulfilment itself, because you will be trekking a high mountain peek before you can get to the center of the city.

Along the way you will discover some of the most significant landmarks that are mentioned in history books and in the bible. There are altars that will remind you how people pay homage to their gods a long time ago by burning something in the altar as a form of offering. There are also tombs of brave warriors who defended the city during ancient war periods. Moreover, there are also temples that housed some of the religious activities of the people there. The huge columns that stand firmly on rocks remain as keepsakes of the greatest empires that rule the place.

Nature has contributed some of the marvellous wonders in the city of Faqra. There are huge rock formations and gardens that were set on layers of rocks. Small ponds are also great sites for ice fishing, as well as for spending some relaxing slumber. The edges of the cliffs meet in perfect angles and present a great sight. But the most attractive of all this natural wonders is the Jisr Al-Hajar Bridge, or commonly known as the stone bridge that was naturally erected. It has a beautiful stone arch that stands almost forty meters high.

If you are searching for some ice adventure, then you come to the right place when you are at Faqra. There is a private ski resort where you can enjoy skiing for a cheap price. You can also enjoy a breathtaking view of ice-covered landscapes when you ride at cable cars at the top of the mountain.

To top your vacation at this city, you should not miss to taste some of the most delicious local dishes. One of the top favourites among tourists is the roasted lamb served with a flavoursome sauce. It is oozing with taste and aroma that can trigger your appetite anytime. To complete your dinner, you should have a taste of Lebanese wines that are made from pure green or blue grape extract. This is a perfect drink that will definitely heat you up during cold winter nights in this awesome city.

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