Fasilides Castle

Fasilides Castle
Photo by: mk_b , Creative Commons

Fasilides Castle is a stunning tourist destination in Ethiopia. It is an old castle built in 17th century for the Ethiopian emperor Fasilides Alam Sagad. The castle can be found in Gondar, Amhara Region. The castle’s structure is purely made of stone. Definitely, Fasilides Castle is a representation of Ethiopia’s great history.

Ethiopian Emperor Fasilides Alam Sagad is one of the remarkable rulers in Abyssinia, the ancient name of Ethiopia. He founded the city of Gondar in 1636 which became the capital of Abyssinia, which is in the northwestern part of Ethiopia. The Gondar city during that time was one of the most significant business centers in Abyssinia. It is also home to various cultural and administrative amenities. Because of that, the city prospered and different structures were built. From time to time, castles, churches and other infrastructures were constructed. One of those is the emperor’s castle, the Fasilides Castle. It is one of the most important castles in Ethiopia. There are many other castles and old churches around the place, but the Fasilides Castle is the most remarkable because little damage has been done to it. A tourist can be amazed at how this enormous castle was built during the early times and how it battled to remain standing until the 21st century. Currently, a preservation task group is taking care of this castle as well as the other castles and churches in Gondar in order to maintain their ancient beauty.

Paying a visit at Fasilides Castle is not hard as there are also many tourists roaming around the old city. The locals here are sell souvenir items, food and refreshments, perfect if you are hungry or needing ornamental gifts to take back with you. So, if you ever visit Ethiopia, don’t forget to visit the Fasilides Castle!

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