Flag of Algeria

The Algerian flag consists of two equal parts; the left side with a green shade and a white shade on the right. The center of the flagdisplays red star inside a red crescent. The color green signifies the nature’s beauty; the color white, peace; the color red, blood of those who were killed fighting for freedom; and the star and crescent moon represents Islam faith.

The Algerian flag was adopted on July 3, 1962. The same design of the flag was also used when the government was in exile from 1958 to 1962. The only difference between the flag today and the flag back on Algeria’s exile days was the white part of the flag is evidently bigger than the green one. The flag design was inspired by the standard of Emir Abdel Kadir in the 1900s.

It consisted two equal vertical bands which was green and white. The flag that was used from the 16th to the 19th century was also the inspiration of the current flag of Algeria. The history of the flag is still not clear to people because it was told that the creation of the flag was in 1928 by Messali Hadj. He was a nationalist leader. The white, green and red, with the star and the crescent have been used by almost all countries with Islam beliefs.

The flag of Algeria can be distinguished alongside the other flags because of the crisp green that it entails. Even though it has a crescent moon and the red star that connotes the religion of Islam, which is widely used by the countries with the said faith, the equally proportioned green band on the left side of the flag and the color white on the right side of the flag are the determining factor for the flag.

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