Flag of Austria

Red is a powerful color and everyone knows that this color has a lot of meanings. It could mean love, supremacy, war, open-mindedness or even disease. Since this color is used for supremacy, the color red was used in Austria to characterize strength. This trait stirs to have bravery. When a state is known to have courage or bravery it has a hardiness to have a strong notion on aggregating heroism. For a land to always have valor has precedence in heroic acts.

The flag of Austria has three parallel lines with two red colors and in between is color white. Same with the other countries – white still represents honesty and truth. It does not matter if you are known but an act of honesty towards others causes chain reactions, widening the message of peace in each mind, calmness in heart, strength of soul, and harmony to the environment.

Nonetheless, the ratio of 2:3 is still not classified as the flag’s size, because the law officials did not discuss about authenticating it. They only talked about the design of the emblems, as they symbolize wealth and devotion. The red color pantone used is 255-0-0 color or medium red. There’s actually a legend behind this flag and one of the head of state in Austria was garb in white battle clothing and at the end of the war he was entirely stained with blood. At the time that he removed his belt, he is surprised to see that it was not soiled with blood as it exposed the red-white-red, and it was taken to use for his trademark. The flag in itself speaks of the history of Austria.

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