Flag of Bulgaria

The flag of Bulgaria has three-equal horizontal colors, (starting from top) white-green-red, which reflects their nation. This country’s flag is unique because green means tranquility, and in a nutshell, green means hope to spread joy, and love to provide tranquility to everyone. Red shows that this country has a strong belief on power, toughness, guts, and fearlessness. White is the color that represents in nation to have peace and honesty. This flag reminds their constitution to have sovereignty and freedom.

If you are looking the finest of one of the finest things, this country is best for its wine. Bulgaria agitates the other countries because of their refine wines like Mavrud, Meriot, Sauvignon, and Syrah. For health conscious, this country is really known also for their kiselo mlyako, and this is a healthy Bulgarian yogurt because of the good bacteria. If a country is known for their good physical condition then color green is best to stand for health and wealth. In 2007 the country is recognized as the new El Dorado because of their gold.

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