Flag of Canada

The flag is considered as an emblem of a nation. This is also the same reason why the flag of Canada can be found in all its government offices, all government schools as well as private schools, hospitals, military headquarters and camps. The flag must be respected with honor, dignity and pride by its people. The desecration of the flag is a very serious offense and the culprit will be severely punished for such actions.

The flag of Canada was vertically divided into three parts. The first and the third part are equal in size while the middle part is the biggest because it contains an emblem of the country. The first and third parts are colored red while the middle part is colored white. There is a red maple leaf on the middle part of the flag. The maple leaf is quite big and stays at the center so every individual passing by will definitely recognize that such flag is the flag of Canada.

There are numerous occasions when a country is recognized worldwide because of the people who became the leaders of that particular country and especially if such leaders made a mark in history. It was only in the year 1965 that Canada finally had its own flag. Before 1965 Canada had been using the union flag which is also a flag being used by the Confederates association. Do you know that the Canadian government actually tried several times to have their own design of their flag but actually failed? It is true and it was only in 1965 when their efforts actually paid but even if that is the case, they still have to draft the design which is to be approved by the majority. Finally, after the lapse of forty-two days, the red maple leaf was approved and the Canadian flag flew into the air.

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