Flag of Denmark

What’s your standard when it comes to an ideal country to visit? The influences of the country such as foods, music, fashion, weather, environment, people or anything foreign as you want to be always in awe. All in all, you just wanted to have a vacation that you will never forget, and if you are planning to visit Denmark or it’s your first time there, be sure to know how the Danish greet with each other, say “Hej!” For Americans they say it as Hey! This Danish greeting made everyone come to love Carlsberg, Lurpak butter, and Lego toys.

It is nice to hear feel good stories, and this one will whet your interest in learning more about Denmark: for there is a tale behind the Danish flag. Each person is full of pride of their nation and of their flag. The Danes never failed to share the story of their flag; and this is called Dannebrog. The legendary story started in 1912 as the Danish team was caught to have a battle at Lyndanise. The team was about to fall when the flag suddenly fell down beside the Danish King Valdemar II. The fallen flag boosted his enthusiasm to win as it also motivates the whole team to conquer the battle. And so after the fight, this banner was declared by him as the country’s official flag. The flag of Denmark is entirely covered with red and the cross is color white that extends to the edges. This simply means that this country has intense patriotism to achieve peace. There is a belief and also the reason that makes this flag very unusual as to not touch the ground for it is sent by God, and never to be hoist at night for it is a means of salutation to devil.

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