Flag of England

One of the most dominant and influential countries is England – though people oversees often perceive England and United Kingdom as one. Both are separate countries. The United Kingdom is not the capital of England. This country is known to be always in royalty, and the easiest trademark to identify this country is the palace where the Wales live.

Actually, this country greatly influenced the golden cinema of America, since they used to speak the old English language. Films like Paris When It Sizzles, as the character here was played by Audrey Hepburn and Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho are one of the samples of the said era. This country is famous in being the venue of wedding events because of the renaissance background and also, the factor that makes this country a perfect location is because it is home to many royal marriages. At the same time, this country and its flag are really unique for their long history.

There is a tale that goes along with the history of English flag. St. George’s Cross is the flag of England. It all started from the time that the story of St. George slaughtered the dragon and saved the princess from becoming the offered; it appeared that St. George’s bravery inspired the knights and use his cross as an emblem, hence making it for the first time during the Welsh war on twelfth century. The flag is completely in white color and the red cross lies at the center, drawn out to each edge. It also means that the martyr’s red cross has arrived on the white grounds of honesty. Above all, the red cross means protection as it shields the white color for the purpose of eternal peace.

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