Flag of Greece

Greece – the home of gods and goddesses. Greek mythology is a very popular ideology taught in many grade school history classes. But most consider it just a myth – just plain stories born out of the imagination.

But when we talk of Greece today we know it as the country. And just like any other countries they have their own flag. The flag of Greece is composed of nine horizontal lines of blue that alternates it with white. And on the upper right side in the corner is a white cross on blue background. The cross, it was said symbolizes Greek orthodoxy the authority religion of the Greek people. According to some beliefs, the nine stripes represent the nine muses or goddess.

Throughout history different shades of blue had been used, from light blue to dark blue until it reaches its present shade of blue. Although the colors white and blue have many meanings it was agreed upon that it really represents the sky and sea combines with the white clouds.

It was also believed that the stripes represents the syllables in the phrase Eleftheria i Thanatos, which means Liberty or Death. This was their motto during the Hellenistic Empire in the 19th century.

Although the origins of the flag had always been debated it was later on agreed that the current flag is very much like the flag of the Cretan Kallergis family. Even if there are some other sources that could be similar to the Greek flag sometimes it is very hard to verify what the true origin of their flag is.

According to history the flag was officially used on December 22, 1978. Compared to other flags, the Greek flag can use any shade of blue. Sometimes it may be brighter or sometimes it can be darker. It doesn’t matter what shade of blue is being used.

In conclusion, this flag is unique in its own way in such a way that compared to flag of other countries which have their own colors the flag of Greece even though it bears a standard color the colors can vary according to shade. It’s up to the person doing or designing the flag which shade of blue they wanted to apply.

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