Flag of Guatemala

Guatemala is a sovereign country located between two vast oceans – the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The country illustrates its appreciation to these two bodies of water by incorporating symbols of them to its national flag.

The flag of Guatemala exhibits two sky blue vertical stripes that surround a white band; in the center of it all is Guatemala’s coat of arms. The two sky blue lines, as mentioned above, symbolize the two oceans and the sky above them. The white band, on the other hand, shows peace and purity.

You can see in the flag of Guatemala’s coat of arms the several symbols that are significant to the country – the resplendent quetzal, a scroll parchment, two crossed rifles, bay laurel leaves, and crossed swords (via annette at dresshead inc). The resplendent quetzal is the country’s national bird. The bird with its colorful plumage represents the country’s cherished liberty from Spain. Accordingly, this liberty is celebrated by putting the date of their freedom from the conquering nation in the scroll parchment.

The bay laurel leaves on the other hand signifies victory, the two crossed rifles represents the willingness of the Guatemalans to fight for their country if such need will arise, and the crossed swords denotes their honor, then and now.

Guatemala has numerous flags in its sleeves throughout the country’s history. The Central American flag served as the flag of Guatemala until 1851 when the Spanish colors of yellow and red was added to the flag because of a pro-Spanish faction. The blue and white colors with the coat of arms were used on August of 1871. Currently, the flag that is being used by the Guatemalans was amended in 1997, making it one of the newest national flags in the world today.

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