Flag of Hungary

Hungary or more popularly known as the Republic of Hungary is located in Central Europe. It is surrounded by Slovakia to the north, Ukraine and Romania to the East, and Serbia and Croatia to the south. Its capital is Budapest. Hungary is among the thirty most popular tourist destinations of the world.

The flag of Hungary is a tricolor flag with horizontal lines of red, white and green. It had been officially used since October 1, 1957. This flag is a result of a movement which started way back before 1848 and reached its climax in the Hungarian Revolution.

The idea for the flag, which is to be tricolor, is taken from the French flag and the French Revolution. But the idea of the colors was taken from their coat of arms. According to some reports, this tricolor is already being used as early as 1608 during the coronation of Mathias II of Hungary.

Although the colors red, white and green represent strength, faithfulness and hope, it can also mean red for the blood, white for freedom and green for the land. As mentioned the flag is a result of the revolution against Habsburgs. After the revolution the Austrian emperor denies the use of this flag. But it was in 1867 when a settlement was made that the flag of Hungary became their official flag.

Even if it was not stated in their constitution about the exact width and length of the flag there is a law that can be adapted. In this law it says that all vessels shall fly the tricolors in a 2:3 ratio.

Thus the flag of Hungry had its roots from the French flag. Just like the French, it is a result born out of a revolution. Since they wanted to take hold of their freedom the flag serves as a reminder for them of the blood, sweat and tears that they have gone through. The men and women who died for their country – and this flag is a constant reminder of that event.

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