Flag of Italy

Italy is the home of the world’s most loved spaghetti. Of course, aside from well loved spaghetti there are other things that can be associated with Italy. Among them is Rome, the home of the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church.

Italy is a country located in south-central Europe. It is bound on the north by France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia. And to the south it consists of Sicily, Sardinia and some smaller islands. Vatican City, which is the seat of the Pope, is within the borders of Italy. Rome is its capital.

The flag of Italy is tricolor. It consists of the colors green, white and red with green on the rear side. It was first used by the Crispadane Republic after Napoleon victoriously crossed Italy. Of course the colors that were chosen then were red and white known to be the Republic’s colors while red is to be added, which is the color of the guards’ uniforms. Of course there are some other interpretations about these colors. Some say that green is the color of the country’s land, white for the snow along the Alps, and red is for the blood. But among the religious they interpret it to mean green is for hope, white for faith, and red is for charity.

It was on January 7, 1787 when the flag was first used. From then onwards, it became officially adapted as the country’s national flag. The design of the flag was originally an idea of Napoleon. It was said that green is his favorite color. Although the flag of Italy has some similarities with that of Ireland’s still there is quite a difference with these flags. One can say the difference lies in their choice of colors. While Ireland opted for the green, white and orange Italy on the other hand prefers green, white and red.

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