Flag of Libya

The Libyan flag was adopted on November 11, 1977. It consists of a simple green band with no ensigns, logos and emblems. It is the only national flag that has only one color and no design. The flag of the independent kingdom was black, red and green with a crescent moon and a star on the center of it. Since the Libyan revolution of 1969, the flag transitioned to the Arab Liberation flag of horizontal red, white, and black colors. In 1971, Libya joined the Federation of Arab Republics with Syria and Egypt which utilized the same kind of flag with a hawk ensign in the middle and the name of the country under it.

In 1977, when Libya left the federation, the new plain green designed flag was adopted. The color green stands for the people’s devotion to Islam and is also the national color of Libya.

The design of the flag is very unique. Being the only flag on the world that has no symbols and other colors in it, it can be categorized by many in a glance even if it was paired alongside with other nation’s flag. The flag itself can be a testament of the country’s simplicity and elegance. The flag can be the determining factor on a country’s characteristics, being so; Libya can be foretold to be a very modest country with very little vainness towards the design of its own symbol.

Compared to the other flags of other nations, Libya’s flag can be the simplest yet elegant flag. It can give the visitor who might visit Libya the feel of the country even though they haven’t been there yet. The connotation of a country for some people is that a country with a beautiful flag can mean that the country is pure, rich and clean.

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