Flag of Liechtenstein

Officially, it is known as the Principality of Liechtenstein. It is a country located in Western Europe and is surrounded by Switzerland and Austria on the west and east sides. According to some reports, this country has the second largest gross domestic product in the world.

According to some, although it is a small country yet it is the richest German-speaking country in the world. The flag of Liechtenstein has only two colors to date. It has two horizontal colors of red and blue. But it was only in 1937 that the crown was added when during the Summer Olympics of 1936 it was discovered out that their original flag resembled that of Haiti’s. It had been a common belief that the original colors of the flag were yellow and red.

According to some, Liechtenstein had been a part of the Roman Empire. It was only in 1866 when it finally got its independence. That is why their flag is arranged in a top to bottom parallel pattern of red and blue. And on the right side is a yellow crown. The crown of course is the crown of the Roman Empire.

Blue and red had been used for the flag of Liechtenstein. Although at first there are some contentions on what shape it should be if it should be vertical or horizontal, but in the end it was decided that the colors be horizontally arranged.

The incident at the Olympics was a major setback for them. Who would ever think that a flag would be similar with the flag of Haiti? That is why on the last instant they’ve decided to put the crown at the end of the said Olympics. Now they are different from the flags of other countries. The shape and colors may be the same but the difference is the insertion of the crown.

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