Flag of Mexico

The flag is being used on several occasions. In times of war when a flag was raised in a particular place, it means that the area is already occupied by the soldiers of the country who owns the flag. It is also placed on top of a coffin whenever a person who has either served the government as an elected leader or who had served the military or police force died. The flag of Mexico is divided vertically into three equal stripes. The first stripe is colored green, the middle stripe which contains the emblem is colored white and the third stripe is colored red. Historians were able to trace back the history of the Mexican flag to the time of the Aztec culture. The Aztecs is one of the oldest cultures that ever existed.

Aztecs believed in many gods and they had this vision of an eagle clutching a snake in its claws. They interpreted this as a sign from the gods for the Aztecs to find the eagle and to build their own colony on the exact place where they will find the eagle. The Aztecs made the long journey until they were able to have a glimpse of the Mexican eagle so there they built their homes and migrated. It is a place which is near a lake so they had access to water. Thus, this is where the idea of an eagle which served as an emblem on the Mexican flag. Mexico is actually a country which is very rich in terms of cultural heritage. The old civilization of Aztecs grew and the people today are called Mexicans. For the Mexicans, the color green on their flag means hope; white means being pure and honest, and red is for the bravery of the people of Mexico who continued to fight for freedom even to the extent of losing their lives.

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