Flag of Panama

This country has a flag that characterizes the political views of the nation. Unlike the others, the Honduran flag was made to represent the country’s geography and the five stars symbolize the Central American countries that used to be the members of the union. The country that it said to indicate their political status is Panama. The flag of Panama has four quarters that acknowledges the present political situation of the country. If the blue for other flags means sea, sky, and royalty, the color blue at the left bottom of Panama’s flag symbolizes the conservative party, whilst the color red at the top right represents the liberal party. The color white brings in peace and purity, and the two stars – the first one is the blue star that lies at the center of the top white left part, illustrates the new life as it was expected for the country, and the color involves the value of honesty and purity. The red star stands for the core of law and authority. At the same time, this star stays at the center of the white, where the color white is place at the bottom right. The joined stars indicate a new form of republic.

It is indeed exciting to discover that there is a woman named Maria Ossa de Amador who finished the 3 flags before the independence day of Panama from Columbia. The tale behind this flag as it was made secretly on November 1, 1903 was safely kept from the Columbian government. The good thing about this – that the flags were finished before the declaration of their freedom on November 3, 1903. The Panama flag was officially adopted by the ley 48 de 1925 and remembered after independence on November 4.

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