Flag of Republic of Macedonia

The current and official flag of Republic of Macedonia is said to be first adopted last October 5, 1995. Since the Macedonian state has gold and red for its national and characteristic colors, these colors can also be seen in its national flag. Its flag is represented by a golden sun which is placed within a red surface. The sun has eight rays and the rays appear to extend up to the red field center. The sun which is embossed in the flag of Macedonia is referred to as the Vergina Sun.

The Vergina Sun, which is also referred to as the Macedonian Star, the Star of Vergina or Argead Star, is considered to be the name provided to a stylish sun or star with sixteen rays. The Verginia sun was actually unearthed on the year 1977 during the excavations done by archaeologist Manolis Andronikos in Vergina which is situated in the northern region of Macedonia.

Andronikos was able to discover it within the tombs of the ancient kings of Macedon. He found it on the golden larnax within the tombs and he once described his discovery as sunburst, starburst or star. However, there are some incoherencies with his discovery, which is why it was not yet completely adopted as a national symbol within the Republic of Macedonia.

After several years, the Vergina Sun was rediscovered and it was found on the larnax of Alexander the Great’s mother. Since then, the Vergina Sun has been made as one of the political symbols of modern Macedonia.

Because of the deep connection of the Vergina Sun to the Republic of Macedonia, it was embossed in its national flag. Until today, the flag with its embossed Vergina Sun is considered to be the official and national flag of the Republic of Macedonia. From the moment it was adopted in October 1995, it has been used by the Macedonian people to represent their independence.

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