Flag of Scandinavia

Scandinavian countries like Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Sweden and Faroe Islands have their own individual flags. However, the flags of these countries are considered to be the same when it comes to the color combinations. The colors present in the flag of Scandinavia are white, blue, gold and red. All the flags in Scandinavian countries are also based on a Crusader cross. This cross is sometimes referred to as the Scandinavian cross or the Nordic cross.

All flags in the Scandinavian countries are known to originate from Dannebrog which is a Danish cloth on the 13th century. In fact, one of the oldest flags in the world is called Dannebrog which is the flag of Denmark. The Nordic cross or Scandinavian cross which is present in all Scandinavian flags is used to represent Christianity. Originally, the cross has a square shape. But after the flags of Scandinavia have been extended horizontally, the upright arm of the Scandinavian cross was also moved closer into the flag’s hoist. The first Scandinavian cross flag which is composed of three colors is that of Norway. Since then, Scandinavian countries tend to include the cross in their individual flags. But despite the fact that Scandinavian countries share similar pattern when it comes to their flags, each of their flags still have individual histories and unique symbolism.

The Scandinavian cross is always considered to be a historic symbol in all the flags of Scandinavia. All Scandinavian countries tend to follow the basic traditional design of the flag. This is the main reason why the flags of Scandinavian countries tend to have similar designs. However, this does not mean that all flags in these countries are the same. Scandinavian countries still make it a point to individualize their own flags. They do this by adding minor details on the flag that easily set them apart. This is the reason why despite the fact that Scandinavian flags have similar patterns, one can still easily distinguish each of the flag.

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