Flag of Scotland

Every country has a flag and Scotland is no different. The only difference is that Scotland carries not one but two flags. It is very unique indeed because it is the only country in the whole world which carries two flags. The first flag was named Saltire. The design of the Saltire is quite simple as a matter of fact. The white cross of St. Andrew in an X style was on the flag and the rest of the color is plain blue. The Scottish people had a great fascination about St. Andrew who is a fisherman in the bible. St. Andrew, together with his brother Simon also known as Peter, was called by Jesus Christ to be his disciples. The Scottish people are very religious and as a sign of their respect and devotion to St. Andrew, they decided to put a white cross on their flag.

The second flag was called the Lion Rampant. The picture of the lion was embedded on the flag and it was colored red. The background of the flag is yellow with two double lines on all of the four sides. The Lion Rampant came into existence when Scotland and England united with each other. The English rejected the old flag and so King William I introduced the Lion Rampant. The lion symbolizes power and strength. The two nations believed that there was strength in the union, thus, the symbol of the lion is very appropriate. As to usage, the Saltire flag is considered as a flag for all occasions while the Lion Rampant is commonly used by the monarchy.

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