Flag of Sweden

Sweden is a Christian country and this fact reflects the design of their flag. The Swedes adopted Christianity one thousand years ago when the King of Sweden was baptized as a Christian. The flag of Sweden is colored blue and yellow. Blue is the color of the background while yellow is the color of the Scandinavian cross.

You might be wondering why the Swedes chose blue and yellow as the color of their flag. Well, they say that these colors are actually the favorite colors in Sweden. The flag of a country is very important not only to the military but to the merchants as well. You very well know that you cannot navigate the waters or the sea without a flag; otherwise, you will be stopped by the coast guard. This is how they manage the peace and tranquility in the seas.

Merchants and ships registered in Sweden carry the flag of Sweden in every voyage that they make. There is another variation of the flag of Sweden. Some people refer to this type of flag as the flag with triple tail. This is because instead of the usual rectangular shape, this variation has three pointed edges at the right portion of the flag. This kind of flag was used during times of war and it is also being used as a naval ensign.

They say that this design is adapted during war and extreme exigencies just so the government can warn the people about the situation of the country. It is worthwhile to take note that even if the shape of the flag was altered the colors yellow and blue remains to be the only colors of the flag of Sweden. Flags carry a part of every country’s history and the design of flags also changes over time.

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