Flag of the United States

The flag of the United States is one of the most well known flags in the whole world. There are thirteen stripes on the flag of the United States. The history of the first American flag came about in 1818 when the first United States Congress deemed it wise to place seven horizontal bands which are colored red and six horizontal bands which are colored white on their flag. Did you know that the thirteen bands or stripes represent the thirteen original States which became the United States? America has really made a huge leap from the date it ceased to be a colony of England. The Americans fought for their own freedom and they finally succeeded in being recognized as a free nation, as the United States of America.

On the upper left corner of the first American flag, you can find thirteen stars which are colored white. The stars are enclosed by a small rectangle with blue background. The rectangle with the stars on it does not extend to the end of the flag. It is very interesting to note that the number of States comprising the United States of America has increased through time and as a State is being added so does the number of stars on their flag. This way, you can keep track of the number of States this particular country have. As of the present, there are fifty stars on the American flag and this means that the United States of America has fifty States all in all. The American people are very patriotic and you can see this trait every time they raise their flag while singing the American hymn.

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