Flag of Ukraine

The flag of Ukraine is probably one of the simplest designs of flags all over the world today. The flag was divided horizontally into two equal parts. The upper part is colored blue and the lower portion is colored yellow or some would also put the color as golden yellow. The simple design as well as the color of the Ukranian flag was adopted from previous flags which were used by Ukraine before. The country wanted to adopt the same color in order to avoid confusion and also to have a piece of their history kept on the present flag.

For the Ukranians, the color blue symbolizes the color of the sky above when the dark clouds are no where to be found and the sun is shining brightly. Some people would also say that the color blue pertains to the blue streams which flow into the land of Ukraine and such body of water is continuously flowing as time goes by. The color of the stream is not actually blue per se. The color blue is only a reflection of the blue sky when you see it on water. There are lots of wheat fields in Ukraine and the Ukranians deemed it reasonable to put the color yellow on their flag. It is always nice to see the golden color of the wheat when the sun is shining brightly and the rays of the sun touch the wheat on the field.

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