Flag of Vatican City

The Vatican is a very important place for Christian Catholics because it is the place where the Papal Nuncio seats. Some people refer to the Vatican as a sacred City while others would call it the City of the Pope. Vatican City is the only country in the whole world which does not meet the requisite population and land area for a place to be called a country but out of respect to the Pope who is considered as the highest leader among the priests, the Vatican or Holy See was granted the independence it has always desired. The flag of the Vatican City is always on a half mast every time a Pope dies. This is to signify grief due to the death of a person who has two titles namely, the head of a country and the head of the Roman Catholic Church.

The flag is actually divided vertically into two parts. The first half is colored yellow while the other half which contains the emblem is colored white. The design of the emblem was very artistic. There are two swords which were intertwined, thereby forming an X shape. The color of the first sword is yellow which is of the same exact shade as the color of the first half of the flag while the second sword is colored white. On top of the X shape is the crown of the Holy See with the symbol of the cross on top. There is also a yellow ribbon which binds the crown and the two swords together. A red cord also binds the swords. The holy crown symbolizes the Roman Catholic Church and the faith of the people all over the world. The two swords intertwined symbolize devotion of the people and the fact that people are willing to take arms in the name of the Catholic Church.

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