Isla de Flores
Photo by: Rafael Amado Deras, Creative Commons

If you are planning to visit Tikal National Park, a famous UNESCO World Heritage in Guatemala, you have to pass Flores, Guatemala. Many people visit Tikal National Park because of the amazing ruins from an ancient metropolis. The park is also surrounded by lush foliage and interesting animals.

But before and after your visit to Tikal National Park, you have to go to the island of Flores where you can eat in restaurants and bars, communicate with your friends in internet cafes, buy souvenirs from handicraft stores, and stay and relax at the numerous hotels and guesthouses. This island is considered as the gateway to the national park of Tikal.

Flores, Guatemala also has the Lago Peten Itza, a famous lake which stretches from the island of Flores to El Remate. The lake is shaped like a crescent moon. You can ride a boat to check out the lake. As you ride on the boat, you will see small villages that have tiny ramshackle huts where local people live.

The streets of Flores are also interesting because of their colourful designs and cobbled stoned roads. You will feel as if you are in a different era while walking along the streets of Flores. The island also has a tall cathedral, which is considered as the highest point in Flores.

You should also visit ARCA, a place where smuggled animals are rescued and prepared for their life back in the wilds. You will not see the animals because the animals are not supposed to see humans but you will learn a lot from the place.

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