Fort Collins

Snowfall at Fort Collins
Photo by: Wayne_Parrack, Creative Commons

Good jobs, low crime, great schools, and a fantastic outdoor life made Money magazine rank Fort Collins, Colorado as the best place to live in the United States in 2006.

The city of Fort Collins can be found in Northern Colorado, 65 miles north of Denver. The city is 5,003 feet above sea level, tucked between the lowland plains and the high peaks of the Rocky Mountains. It was originally founded in 1864 as a military outpost from where the United States Army could protect the Overland mail route and trail from American Indian attacks.

The city grew even after the fort was closed a few years later, and kept growing through the Great Depression. Both the city’s population and economy grew in the years after the Second World War. The Colorado State University, founded years earlier, soon became the primary driving force behind the city’s economy as enrolment grew, giving the city the liveliness of a college town.

Besides the university, which plays a large part in the cultural development of the city, there are many sights to see in Fort Collins. Parks can be found throughout the city, offering a range of activities from biking to hiking and providing recreational facilities such as ball fields, playgrounds, skating rinks, and picnic areas for residents and tourists alike. The Old Town Historic District is a must-see for any tourist who wants to relive the early days of the city.

The District is also home to many different restaurants and cafes for every taste, and shopaholics may browse local stores for things they may like. People who have an affinity for the outdoors may want to visit the nearby Lory State Park or hike up Horsetooth Mountain. Tourists may also go boating or swimming on the Horsetooth Reservoir, as well as go horseback riding, fishing, camping, rock climbing, or mountain biking on the mountain.

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