Fort Lowell Museum

Old Commanding Officer’s quarters at Old Fort Lowell
Photo by: Postcard, Creative Commons

Sometimes spending your days under the sun and enjoying the beach or pool with some family and/or friends, fishing and other vacation activities are just too common to do and sometimes taking a look back to some of the events that help shape the world today is worth doing, like visiting the Fort Lowell Museum.

Camp Lowell’s successor is Fort Lowell, with the environment of the city of Tucson not being in a good condition the army moved northeast and from there in the month of March during the year 1873 they established what is now known as Fort Lowell. This fort had a lot of roles back then, and one of those roles include escorting wagon trains. Also, this fort provided protection to settlers as well as guarding very important supplies that could either be for military use or for its settlers and civilians of the city.

Another one of those roles is patrolling the border for enemies and though most of its roles somehow look or sound defensive, certain offensive operations were being planned here as well, to be used against the Apache Indians. After the war the fort was abandoned in the year 1891. The Arizona Historical Society then operated a Museum branch at the historic site of Fort Lowell in the year 1963 up until today.

You can visit the fort and experience certain special events on the fort that include a walking tour which you can enjoy with your family or your friends, lectures about its history where you can learn about the events and other information about the fort during that particular time, and living history events. A simple visit to the Fort Lowell Museum would let you witness the military life back then and see some of the many events that took place during that time particularly the Apache War that lasted quite a few years

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