Fort Morgan

Inside the Fort
Photo by: nola.agent, Creative Commons

The world seen today is made possible by the history that happened before. Certain events that lead to what the world is today can only be commemorated through certain artifacts seen during excavations or researches and perhaps the biggest form of artifact there is are historical landmarks where important events in history took place. One of the historical landmarks is the Fort Morgan.

This fort was a replacement for Fort Bowyer, the first fort built on that location that withstood to attacks both coming from a British naval and land attack. Its construction was aimed for a stronger fort that could defend against both naval and land attacks as well as protect the bay’s entrance.

After the War in the year of 1812 the U.S. decided to embark on a program focusing on strengthening its coastal defenses. The plan on building the fort went to many contractors because of an epidemic during those days that cut their lives short, however after passing to a number of contractors the Army then assigned the task to a Corps of Engineers and eventually the fort was completed.

The fort encountered numerous battles from the Civil War, taking on bombardment after bombardment. Most parts of the fort became heavily damaged and during those times instead of restoring it, it was demolished. Shortly before the Civil War ended it was used as a base for reconnaissance raids and finally after the war it became a staging area for two more battles. Later on this fort was repaired and was used again for another war, additional defenses were placed on the fort and then once again the fort took heavy firing for a number of battles.

Fort Morgan is one of the key fort during those times and was used a lot by the military, being on a key location the fort was subject to constant battles and of course became heavily damaged and then repaired and then damaged again and eventually became an abandoned fort. Now it is considered as one of the many historical landmarks and is being preserved, people go to Fort Morgan and appreciate the history it holds as it is part of what made the modern world today.

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