Gun Powder Tower in Frederikshavn
Photo by: skagman, Creative Commons

Frederikshavn is probably the only tourist destination in Denmark with notable military attractions. Such areas include the Fladstrand Church, Fishkerlyngen and the Powder Tower Museum. This city is no exception too when it comes to art and Christian sites. The Saeby has both attractions and also a resort and a relaxation spot. And this is where the famous Voergaard castle is located. It’s a palace that exudes Renaissance architecture and unique paintings and art collections.

If by chance you are looking for an agricultural area, then the Sognefoged garden is the place to visit. If you’re a water enthusiast then you will love Frederikshavn because it has a number of harbours and marinas. The Ronner Harbour is perfect for pleasure boat and fishing. The Naval Harbour is perfect for sight seeing because this where you get to witness national warships, icebreakers, royal yacht and training ships. Other notable harbours are the Northern Entrenchment Harbour, the Sea Sports Harbour and the Neppen’s Harbour.

If you just want to swim then you should definitely root after Palm Beach. It’s a beach with 100 palm trees planted by the local municipality. And if you want to party like the locals then you’ll have to visit the city in time of the Tordenskiold Festival and the Lightning Festival. Both events occur at different times but are nonetheless joined and celebrated by thousands of people.

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