A Lighthouse in Freeport, Bahamas.

Photo by: pswint, Creative Commons

The Bahamas capital Nassau may be a combo of old and new, but Freeport, Bahamas is an ultra-modernistic planned city. Also called Lucaya, Freeport is located on the Grand Bahamas Island—the island they call the Hong Kong of the Americas.

The greatest distinction of Freeport among the other islands in the Bahamas is its location. It is only 50 miles east of Miami Florida so you can imagine how strategic it is for business and tourism. Tourists and entrepreneurs flock to this island all year round, although it’s not only favored due to its location but its magnificent beaches as well. White sand, water sports, and deep-sea fishing—What can more can you ask for when in Freeport?

The history of Freeport goes back to more than five decades ago when a small group of entrepreneurs established a deep-water harbor and an economic zone on the island of Grand Bahamas. The businessmen’s vision was to make it a core shipping hub and an international business centre. Today, Freeport is all that and much more. Wonder how much pride these businessmen had the moment they saw their vision converted into reality.

Anyway, there’s just so much action in Lucaya that you will never find yourself bored. There are pristine white beaches, great hotels, magnificent casino, lively nightlife, and world-class scuba diving facilities. If you feel like playing golf, Freeport offers two large golf courses in the area. Shopping is also great here, especially at the Port Lucaya Marketplace.

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