This former market town of over 100,000 people, is the eight largest city of Cote d’Ivoire, located in the Fromager Region. It is predominantly occupied by the Bete and Gagu ethnic groups. It is the chief collecting point for a region that exports coffee, cocoa, and timber. As a market town it’s known for selling yams, bananas, rice. Gagnoa is the site of the Ivorian government’s first rural technical institute in 1961. It was a labour court, a saw mill and a model housing project too. Metal working is also common in Gagnoa especially among the Bete ethnic group.

Many tourists in Gagnoa buy real estate properties and vacation houses there because they appreciate the simple and quiet life that the city offers. Of course for the non permanent vacationers in the city, there are very cheap hotels which accommodate well in the same manner. Gagnoa’s natural wonders are what people come too see, especially its rich and healthful forests which are unspoiled to this day. And being in the western part of Africa, tourists will not find it hard to find nearby beaches which are yet unexploited and are perfect for aquatic activities.

Since Gagnoa is the center of agriculture, the main thing that tourists will be crazy about here is their native delicacies. Even the smallest cafeterias and tiny restaurants offer mouth-watering meals and delectable African cuisine.

Gagnoa has a small orphanage called CAFOM, which are often visited by tourists who are also doing charity work or are into philanthropy.

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