Cricket in Galle Cricket Stadium
Photo by: principe.astuto, Creative Commons

Are you wondering where you can experience a Dutch ambiance when you are in Sri Lanka? Well, you can, and you can enjoy it as much as you want when you visit Galle, Sri Lanka. It is a place of splendor and excitement where Asian and European flavors mix, not only on the native dishes, but also in the culture that is carefully preserved by the locals of the city.

When you find yourself standing in this city and you are looking forward to get the most of the Dutch ambiance, never fail to visit the Dutch Fort, which is considered as a historical landmark of the world. The walls and the pathway are perfect reminders of the accounts of the past, and it continues to amaze visitors from different parts of the globe.

To enjoy an amazing architectural spot in Galle, you can try to visit the Dutch Reformed Church. It has colorful wall paintings and well-detailed carvings on its ceiling, while the Southern Coastal Belt is a perfect spot for walking and enjoying the fair weather of the city. The Clock Tower that stands at the corner of the coastline is also a photo perfect site.

The Ahangama is another must-see site. If you want to enjoy the romantic sunset with your loved one, you can try to visit this place. And not only that, you can also be amazed with how the local residents harvest the sea through silt fishing.

The last spot to visit before leaving Galle is the Koggala Lake. It is a perfect spot for bird watching and some romantic dining experience.

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