Ashford Castle in Galway
Photo by: Elin B, Creative Commons

Galway is perhaps one of the fastest growing cities in Ireland. The only city in the province of Connacht, prides itself because of its rich history, culture and a thriving artistic atmosphere. In fact, so many artists seem to flock this place that in the city alone, you will find roughly 23 musical groups, 12 theatres, 4 major organizations of writers, and 2 groups of visual artists. And to celebrate all the artistic minds gathered in that one place, the city hosts a Galway Arts Festival every July. This festival is especially famous for their Macnas Parade – a wild and colorful street dancing event showcasing Ireland’s rich musical heritage.

But if you are planning to visit Galway, Ireland and you cannot seem to book a flight in July, do not worry because there are more historically significant places for you to explore and visit. To help you with your itinerary, here are two of Galway’s must – see sites.

Athenry Heritage Center
Athenry Heritage Center is quite famous in the area for their well preserved ancient buildings and dwelling places. But you have to know that the structures are not all there is to it. This center also boasts of beautiful models and story boards that give the young a clear picture of how life was in that village was before. And as an additional treat, interactive audio and video devices were installed all over the place to further the experience of the children.

The Dunguaire Castle
The contrast provided by this 75 foot structure sitting on the shore of Galway Bay made this tower to be one of the most photographed castles in Ireland. Said to have been built by 1520, this castle have been host to the legendary king or Connacht – Guaire Aidhne. However, after his reign, the castle has been passed on to different clans and significant people in Ireland. Today, the grounds remain open for the public every summer. Here, the tourist can come and appreciate the Medieval Banquet every night that is coupled with performers and artists that read and recite some of Ireland’s important literary works of art.

Those two sites are just the tip of the iceberg. Once you go to Galway, you will find that there are actually a lot more places to see. So just enjoy your trip and go wherever the wind brings you.

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