Tombeau d’Askia, Gao, Mali
Photo by:
Crazy Joe Devola
, Creative Commons

One of the most beautiful places in Mali that is worth a visit is the Gao city. It is the capital of Gao Region and many beautiful places can be visited here. The city existed in as early as 11th century so you can find many historical places local to the area.

When visiting Gao, it is recommended to visit the historical mosques in the city. This includes the Askia Tomb and the Gao Mosque. The Askia Tomb is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its magnificent beauty. The Gao Mosque, on the other hand, has the same amazing beauty of Askia Tomb representing the mud mosques which were built in 14th century. Aside from the mud mosques, a museum can also be found in the city as well as many markets. It is also worthwhile to visit the La Dune Rose, which is a very picturesque sand dune in Gao. It is advisable to visit La Dune Rose during sunrise and dusk to witness the sun’s effect to this beautiful landscape.

After touring the Gao city, take time and explore the city’s market. Many worthwhile and memorable souvenirs can be purchased here to bring home to your family and friends.

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