As people often expect nothing but dusty desert lands in Africa, including Sudan, in Gedaref it’s quite different. Dominated by a lush green environment, Gedaref is another African wonder to explore. Parts of it are still surrounded by plain but healthy deserts. Though not many luxurious hotels can be found, its environment is perfect for adventurous tourists who are always willing to camp out. But there are also plain accommodations such as the Amir hotel which can house tourists safely. It has 24 rooms and has been running since 1974. The Elmotwakil Hotel is a 3-star hotel and has a total of 66 rooms.

The African natives of Gedaref are friendly, as most of the Sudanese citizens. Tourists enjoy the market place for some thrifty shopping and a taste of Gedaref’s best snack items and native delicacies. A famous specialty is the spicy grilled goat meat, a bit tough but very tasty. For those who enjoy beer, most Sudanese ride to the border between Gedaref and Ethiopia to get a taste of beer. Ethiopia is very close to this city.

Gedaref, because of its green grounds, attract many nomadic people who purchase sorghum, peanuts, vegetables and sesame planted by its dwellers. Unlike other Sudanese cities with hot, desert climates, Gedaref is marked by green areas and hills around it, with a rainy season that extends up to four months.

The best and well-designed infrastructure to see here is the Grains Silo built by Russians in the late 1960’s. You will enjoy Gedaref’s museum, dervish tombs and its fun and satisfying qawha cafés.

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