Take a leisurely stroll along the streets of Geneva
Photo by: UggBoy (have fun doing it), Creative Commons

Did you know that there’s a part of Switzerland where people mainly speak French? Yes, you read that right. It’s called Romandie, and here lies Geneva City.

Known as the “Peace Capital”, Geneva is the most populated city of Romandie and the second most populous city of the country. Around the world, it is considered as a global city because many international organizations like Red Cross and United Nations have their headquarters in Geneva. It is also regarded as the 7th most important financial center in the world, as declared by the Global Financial Centers Index, and the 4th most expensive city of the world according to 2009 survey. The economy of the city is mainly services oriented and is mostly focused on private banking. Aside from hosting the headquarters of Red Cross, U.N and other organizations, they also host the headquarters of international and multinational companies.

Watch-making is a big part of Geneva’s tradition. Perfume and fragrances are also one of their main products.

If there’s another thing tourists should know about the people of Geneva, they love football and hockey. They also hold Geneva Motor Show every now and then in Palexpo convention center which is near the International Airport.

One should also note that in September, the city observes Jeûne Genevois or the day that news about St. Bartholomew’s death had reached Geneva. It is commemorated on the first Thursday subsequent to the first Sunday of the month.

It is once dominated by Protestant people, but Roman Catholics have now outgrown them in number. Other inhabitants are Muslims, Jews, Atheists or they have religions other than these.

If you plan to go to Geneva, expect a temperate climate and ice storms during the winter season (from December to February). Ski resorts like Verbier are also packed with tourists and local folks during this time of the year. During summer, people enjoy swimming in public beaches and lakes such as Genève Plage and the Bains des Pâquis.

Anyone who plans to visit Geneva should not miss going to the shores of Lake Geneva. Explore the city by foot or bikes and visit the famous Flower Clock in the English Garden, Reformation Wall, St. Peter’s Cathedral, Place Nueve, and the headquarters of the United Nations.

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