Ghardaïa panoramic view

Ghardaïa is another beautiful Algerian city located at the heart of the M’zab Valley. It’s the home of the Ibadi sect and is known for preserving its medieval architecture from mosques to mausoleums and even markets. The valley from where it stands is also one of the attractions listed in the World Heritage Site. Many come to Ghardaïa to purchase coarse goat hair carpets. Ghardaïa has an enticing panoramic view that beautifully represents Arab states. A fine day tour will include a visit to the Mausoleum of Sheik Siddi Assa, erected in 1971, and to the market on the main square of Ghardaïa. The very royal looking mosques in the city are also another fine attraction that while call for timeless picture taking.

To make your visit memorable you’d have to trek the whole M’zab valley and meet the very religious, conservative and kind Moabites. A view of the underground mosques of Ghardaïa, the biggest town in the valley, and of the water dam and palmerie of Beni Isguen are only a few of what you will enjoy. Just because the people are conservative it does not mean they don’t know how to party at night. There are locals who are willing to organize a concert or a musical performance for you or your group. They play local music and they have a great sense of rhythm. You will enjoy dancing with them until the wee hours of the morning. And when it comes to food, expect something healthy and delicious like salad, couscous, lentils, rice, chicken and mutton. They also love spicy food so you would have to try the harissa, a spicy red paste that goes well with the couscous.

At the end of your tour it would be great to do some shopping and haggling in the palmerie once again. In Algeria, Ghardaïa will give you a complete and memorable visit.

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