The fortress of Ghat, Libya
Photo by: Wiki Commons , Creative Commons

Ghat city is located in the outermost corner of Libya. It is almost positioned in the center of the Sahara Desert and by getting into this city is considered the safest way to reach the center of the Sahara desert. The city was founded hundreds of years ago. The old city has attracted many tourists and travelers as the old structures of residential houses are very interesting to see. The residential houses are also mostly made of hardened mud and built in the ancient style of Libyan architecture.

Visiting Ghat will take you back to the early history and culture of Libyans. Within the old town, you can appreciate how the old infrastructures still stand despite the extreme conditions of the Sahara Desert. You can also observe that there are some quadratic towers around the borders of the old city which signifies its prosperous condition during the early times. After touring around the old city, it is also worthwhile to visit the Akakus and Tassili caves located outside the boarders. Prehistoric rock arts can be found inside these caves which are strong evidence of early habitation in the area.

Aside from the mentioned caves, there are still many other caves located in Ghat which are the Wadi Wan Mujaj, Wan Amen and Wadi Fit. Visiting these caves will give you the appreciation of Africa’s natural land formations. Overall, the whole old city is very picturesque to see so don’t forget to bring a camera with you!

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