Gilgit mountain range
Photo by: amir tai, Creative Commons

Feeling the cool gust in Gilgit, Pakistan is like falling in love for the first time. This humble place that lies at the foot of the Karakoram mountain ranges offers more than just mountaineering expeditions and winter getaways.

Formerly known as Sargin, this spot lies in the north where some of the tallest mountains are on its guard. It is an ideal spot for trekking and hiking, as well as for some sightseeing. The picturesque view commands a romantic moment among honeymooners and lovers around. It is not only rich in natural sceneries, but also historical stories that shaped the western part of the globe.

One of the famous attractions in Gilgit is the Nactar Valley where one can enjoy ski lifts and jeep rides with a complementing sight of a magnificent lake. The Deosai National Park is another site to behold. It holds another beautiful lake and it is home to wild animals that are unique to this place. Some of these are the Himalayan brown bear, golden marmot, red fox, and the leggar falcon.

The city of Skardu is one of the most advanced areas in Gilgit. It is a commercial center that houses bazaars, trekking supply shops, souvenir shops, and local goods store. It is also where the Skardu Fort is located that is famous for the central mosque.

No one can ever deny that Gilgit, Pakistan is truly a superb haven. It is a place where anyone can be with nature and urban living at the same time, and experience a one-of-a-kind adventure.

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