Calangute Beach in Goa – busy with locals and visitors
Photo by: Paul Mannix, Creative Commons

Among all places in the beautiful country of India, Goa is among the standouts. If all the other cities offer historical sights for the tourists, Goa offers something new that tourists cannot resist trying – having a vacation at their resorts.

People who come to India have this thought of spending their time there joining the festivities and walking in the streets, looking at every structure and trying to analyze its symbolism or historical background. Goa, on the other hand, will try to deviate from this way of thinking and instead let tourists imagine themselves relaxing in their resorts and enjoying the beaches with white sand and clear water under the bright, blue skies. No other place can be as beautiful as this paradise in India.

What makes Goa worth visiting, besides its enchanting beaches, would have to be the people the lives in the area. They are very welcoming and they consider the tourists as one of them. A lot of them are knowledgeable in the English language, so talking with them to know more about the area would be something that the tourists should look out for.

The beaches in Goa are best viewed during the monsoon, according to the caretakers of the resorts in the place. They often compare it to the postcards that people send to their loved ones – the ecstatic and serene view of the sea during sunrise or sunset resembles so much of the beaches’ view.

The area is covered by palm trees resting in the white sands that connect to the Arabian Sea. Besides swimming, tourists can do many other things like taking photos of the fantastic scenery, soaking up the sun while reading a novel, talking with other tourists that enjoy staying the area, and taste the popular beverage called Feni. Moreover, tourists can also partake in sports like volleyball, water rafting, canoeing and other water-related sports that will surely drain the energy out of the tourists.

There are also spas and casinos in the area, making the tourists’ stay very worthwhile. Carnivals, bars and clubs are also prominent in the area, making Goa’s nightlife a busy and exciting escapade. For people who would also like to take a look at Goa’s cultural aspect, they can visit the churches and parks in the area.

If ever tourists stop by India and its cities, they should never forget to include Goa in their list.

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