African Buffalo in Gog
Photo by: Wikimedia, Creative Commons

Gog is a district in the Gambela Region of Ethiopia. It is one of the eight Woredas and part of Administrative Zone 2. Gog has a flat terrain and offers some exquisite beauty from nature. It is situated 600 meters above sea level where 30% is covered in majestic forests that are a heaven for all nature lovers.

Aside from a forestland, Gog also boasts major bodies of water. The Gilo River is a controversial body of water once sought for gold. The prospects of gold mining in the area have caused tension in the area. However, not so much has been found for commercial extraction. The river comes from the Ethiopian Highlands and flows to the west into yet another majestic landscape, the Lake Tata. The lake is one of the biggest in the region where permanent settlements are established along its sides.

The Gambela National Park is another place to visit. It is a proposed national park where the last of the White-eared Kob antelopes and the Nile Lechwe antelopes are supposed to be protected. Other animals to behold in the park are elephants, monkeys, baboons, and the African Buffalo. It is also a rich forest area that supports wet grasslands and swamps. Endemic birds are also protected by the park such as the shoebill stork, the red and green bee-eaters, and the long tailed paradise whydah.

The natural diversity of the district of Gog is so enticing for those who want to experience nature at its best.

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