The ruins in Gondar
Photo by: ctsnow, Creative Commons

The city of Gondar, Ethiopia dates back to the 17th century. Many historians believe it served as the capital city for the Abyssinian Empire during the time of Emperor Fasilidas. The city is famous for numerous beautiful castles with medieval architecture. The design and decoration of these buildings, particularly the churches, has been a top reason why tourists from all over the world flood the city.

Gondar has a rich history of legends and culture that has shaped the city to what it is today. It is a vital center of religious and art learning. For hundreds of years, music, dance, poetry and painting has thrived in the city with the existence of talented students and skilled instructors.

The city is at an altitude of 2300 meters and thus allows for a majestic view of farmlands and the Laka Tana. The city is filled with an antique scent mixed with mystery. Among the many spectacular landmarks in the city, the hulking ruins of a castle like some African Camelot towers them all. The ruin was once used as a center of battlements where an aura of chivalry has never faded.

The Church of Debra Berhan Selassie was built since medieval times and is still regularly used today. The triangular outside structure boasts spectacular scenery of by-gone eras. The insides contain one of the marvellous paintings one can ever set his eyes on. The church is further adorned with images depicting religious history.

All these remarkable works has impressed lots of visitors for years. It has been a center of historical studies and also a top destination for those with the feel for a taste of some exotic history.

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