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Goteborg, Sweden is more popularly known as Gothenburg. It is a city known for being a gateway to the west due to its strategic location. But the beauty of Goteborg is not limited to its association with seafaring. The beauty of Goteborg lies in its modernity. It mixes its culture with modern tastes. Goteborg is a destination that satisfies your need for culture and fun.

The Avenyn, is Goteborg’s hotspot for clubs and pubs. The night life here is exquisite. Popular clubs in the area such as Excet and Push literally reel the people in. Avenyn offers such a wide selection of night clubs that it’s almost impossible to just choose one. Dance floors, good music and talented DJ’s make sure that your visit would be one you’d never forget.

If you’re a traveler who likes to attend events and festivals then you’re in luck. Goteborg hosts numerous festivals for everything you could ever think of. This could be a good opportunity to meet the citizens of Goteborg who share the same interests. Aside from the biggest Film Festival and Book Fair in Goteborg; you also have Science Festivals for kids, horse shows and even an event for foreign students who moved to Sweden to study. Some of the best universities in the world are located in Goteborg.

Goteborg is also home to the second largest shopping district in Scandinavia. Nordstram has over 300 stalls. 150 of which are shops and the other half are offices offering different services. Nordstram is every shoppers dream come true.

The Goteborg Botanical Garden is also a wonderful place to visit. Its serenity contrasts with our usually fast paced lifestyle. It is considered one of the most important gardens in all of Europe. You will lose yourself in its beauty.

Whether you’re staying for two days or twenty, Goteborg will make sure that you will feel right at home. Goteborg will make each day of your stay wonderful.

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