Grote Markt in Gouda
Photo by: celesth, Creative Commons

Just outside the northeastern outskirts of Rotterdam, you will find a little town, which has lent its name to one of tastiest and most interesting cheeses in the world – Gouda. But don’t just let the images of European cheeses fill your imagination, as this quaint little town is definitely worthy of a visit. If you want to see what a Dutch town looks like, then there’s no better way to it than taking a walk on the city center of Gouda.

Are you in love with cheese? If you find yourself nodding to this question, then take a walk to the cheese market and De Waag to explore the different options that are in store for you. Be adventurous and try out everything, especially the variety that you won’t be able to find anywhere else in the world. Though you’d expect to find a place in gouda where they make gouda cheese, it’s quite interesting to find out that this cheese is not made anywhere in this town, but in the neighboring areas.

Notable museums to visit in this picturesque little town are the Staduis located in the center of the Markt, the Museumgouda and the Museumhaven Gouda. You should also check out the Verzetsmuseum Zuid-Holland or the resistance museum if you want to learn more on how the Dutch founded their resistance movement during the 2nd world war.

Aside from the gastronomical cheeses, you should make it a point to try out Goudse stroopwafels, which is Gouda’s very own traditional wafer cookie. Just one bite and you’ll surely be coming back for more. The main shopping street called Kleiweg has all the famous boutiques and department stores so if you want to exercise your shopping muscle, then you know the perfect place to go.

So if you’re in the mood to experience town living at its best, head out to Gouda and see what this charming destination has in store for you. Spend a day or two roaming the streets and befriend the locals while you’re at it just remember to keep a Dutch translation book in handy as most locals can’t speak English very well.

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